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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 17, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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talking point memo is posted. we talk about the medal of honor winner tonight. came in late and you might want to see that. we'd like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, don't be a barber monger. don't be that! thank you for watching us.mmmmm. spin stops here. we're looking out for you! >> sean: with mid-terms behind us and 2012 on the horizon, republicans are busy shaping their agenda for the new congress and progress is already being made. now just today, senate republicans approved a two-year ban on earmarks and dalled on the democrats -- called on the democrats to make a similar suspension. republicans on the right track? they better hope so, because there is a huge issue lurking in the background. according to the new report, issues by the congressional oversight panel, egrowing number of flawed foreclosure documents are threatening to cost banks billions of
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dollars in losses. now the report alleges that thousands of documents were filed inaccurately by banks and loan officers. this could spell disaster for the already fragile financial system. and joining me now with reaction to this and analysis of the analysis of the republican playbook is author of "valley forge: george washington and crucible of victory." former speaker of the house newt gingrich. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> sean: let me start with the republicans. john boehner has given back nancy pelosi's plane. republican moratorium on the house in earmarks. senator mcconnell joined the moratorium and nobody is suggesting it will balance the budget. it's symbolic that a message was sent and a message was received. how do you think the public will react to that? >> well, i think that senator mcconnell in particular hit exactly the right tone. john boehner has never taken an earmark in his entire
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career. senator mcconnell defended earmarks and he got up with some courage as a leader. you know, i'm going to listen to the people and to do what i've been urging the president to do. it is clear the american people do not want earmarks and i am supporting them. a good step in the right direction. one that president obama might want to be attention to on a lot of issues, not just earmarks. this is a significant reform ban. combined with speaker boehner having given up the pelosi air force plane. a step in the right direction, combined with putting rules committee on television from now on so out in the open and people can watch it. combined with speaker boehner committing that every bill will be on the internet for three days before it's voted on, so every american can read every detail before the vote. these are i think significant steps in the right direction. >> maybe some of them are symbolic but tells me message
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from the election received. frankly, that is i think a good sign for things to come. >> sean: i spoke to them and he said if we want to bifurcate, he says no, it won't work. the white house wants permanent tax cuts for middle class and maybe only temporary extension for wealthier americans and said sorry, you don't get to do that. that is not what he supports. same in the house. is that the right strategy? >> actually, the effort should be made now by all americans to have the current tax cut made permanent, not just temporarily in the senate. the reason is practical. if you want jobs, if jobs and paychecks are the number one goal, you want stability so people who know how to invest invest.
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americans have $2 billion in cash they're not investing due to fear. if we have a sense of stability to lead to dramatic increase in investment and job creation and returning to prosperity. >> sean: the debt commission wants to gut defense and eliminate the mortgage -- you're laughing. this is what they're suggesting. eliminate the home mortgage deduction, raise taxes on gasoline. they don't talk about growing the economy. you suggest on "meet the press" this sunday they don't deal with the real entitlement or if they cut back on the union money, pensions or whatever, the
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possibility of unrest in albany and sacramento. what did you mean by that? >> let me first of all, can i comment on this commission. i have never seen a commission work more actively to make ilts irrelevant and be an impediment to what it's trying to do. there are a lot of good ideas how to save money in federal government. ibm and high-tech companies propose $1 trillion in savings over the next decade by modernizing the government the way big businesses have been modernized to the more effective and efficient systems. center for health transformation, we have $1 trillion in savings on fraud that could be implemented. it's gone in much the wrong direction it could go. when you say in places like
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sacramento and albany, they can't be the haves when the taxpayers are the va-nots, they can't have the giant advantages in health plans, in pensions, in retirement age, in workload. and pay while the rest of us are working hard. i think you will find some of the unions are going to be fairly militant in their opposition to change. the folks who have been riding high off the government don't like the idea that the taxpayers are going to be in charge in the taxpayers will be protected. >> sean: are you saying there could be riots in albany and new york and sacramento? >> demonstrations. just demonstrations. just picketing. unhappiness. >> sean: you were shown video of the rioting from the other country. the situation, greece, their debt is higher than anybody thought. we're about to have a crisis in ireland which we expect to impact spain and portugal.
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the european union in general. how bad does this get? >> no one knows how bad it's going to get. as you open the show, you were pointing out that the incompetence of the administration of mortgages in the american financial system has been so great that there may be billions of dollars of brand new instability in our financial system that nobody was prepared for. no one really knows how bad the debt of california is. e-the illinois public debt is the highest ratio in the country per capita. albany is totally out of control and dominated by the government employee unions. the fact is we don't know what the situation is six months to a year from now. nor do we understand what the failure of president obama in seoul with the free trade agreement and in tokyo where every major country was opposing his policies. we don't know what it will lead to right now. i can tell you when you look at the fact, that the chinese currency declined relative to
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every major currency except the dollar, they're still trying to follow a policy of increasing the experts ripping off everybody else. that bodes badly for the world economy. >> the asian trip for the president was a disaster. let me go to washington and nancy pelosi. it appears she is going to hang on to power. it appears she will be the minority leader. she is meeting some resistance now, but it appears that they're going to keep her in place. if you are the republican party, you have to do the backflips over this. considering approval rating is about 6%. you stepped aside after the republicans lost five seats. you think this is a mistake for the democrat s? >> an accurate reflection of where they are. the team of nancy pelosi, harry reid and obama who were decisively repudiated in the worst election result from modern times, losing over 60
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house seats, the most since 1932. losing 682 state legislative seats, the most in modern history. that same team is now going to be back in place. we know as a san francisco liberal she'll oppose every possible compromise the president is forced to make. it's setting the stage for 2012 that will be a decisive choice for the american people. >> sean: didn't go unnoticed but we can tell by the background you're in iowa tonight, correct? just sop happens. >> on the university in ames, iowa. >> sean: back in iowa. tomorrow night if we interview you, you'd be in new hampshire. >> no, i'd be cedar rapids, iowa. [ laughter ] >> sean: for no reason whatsoever, i'm sure. i will harass you -- >> we're doing book signings for "valley forge." >> sean: new hampshire son the list? >> not yet, but it will be soon. >> sean: south carolina after that? >> we'll probably be there soon, too.
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>> sean: what a shock. >> glad to have you come with us. >> sean: why don't i just announce for you, that you are running tonight? we'll get to that. i also want your upon on obama when we get back. and does he have the ability to pivot and hear the message of the american people? all right, we'll continue. more with speaker gingrich after the break. later, anger in america is growing over the full body scanners at airports around the country. those extended pat-downs that resulted in one guy saying hey, don't touch my [bleep] are they going too far in your privacy? your privacy? that and much mo [ female ann] swiffer wetjet absorbs and traps so much dirt you'll never go back to your old mop. [ funny voice ] hey, mop! wanna suck up dirt and grime like swiffer wetjet? then try the absorb-a-straw! now you're gettin' it. [ female announcer ] sorry, mop, but swiffer wetjet has a dirt dissolving solution and super absorbent pads that trap and lock dirty water deep inside the gradient core while mops can just spread it around. swiffer cleans better, or your money back.
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>> sean: she is looking to become the first write-in candidate elected in 50 years to the senate. lisa murkowski is clueing us in who she will side with if she returns to washington. let's take a look. >> i am not one of those who want wants obama to fail. if he does well, that means if he does well, that means the country is doing well. hosto really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter) man: hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: we continue with former speaker of the house newt gingrich who is with us. only 26% of the public thinks obama will get re-elected. 26, not a high number. the "washington post" has an article saying there is no plan to hit reset button, they don't like to pivot and they think they're right. there is an arrogance and tone deafness even if i find breath-taking. if they don't hit the reset button and they don't like to pivot and they think they're right and stay rigid, don't you think there is zero percent chance the president is re-elected? >> zero is too low of a number but it diminishes dramatically. i have to say watching him get off the plane at andrews
12:15 am
after the disastrous asian trip and play almost jew nile games, setting certain -- juvenile games, with the standard for the lame duck session implyingropes have to cooperate or else, it's as though he didn't notice anything that went on before he left for asia and the rest of us are too dumb to know what he is doing. the problem with being clever eventually everybody else figures out you're clever and they try to figure out the angle and what you're saying. i was disappointed and i was told a while ago they postponed the bipartisan leadership meeting until november 30. that is the wrong direction. he needs to meet privately one-on-one with speaker john boehner without democrats, and without staff. >> sean: what if the
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president stays with the idea he only wants temporary extension of tax cuts for wealthy and makes tax cut for middle class permanent. what should boehner and mcconnell say and do? do they say sorry, we won't go along with the next congress? >> about the 10 or 11 of january should pass a termnant no tax increase on any american. make it permanent. house pass it three days later after it's been on the internet as promised. go to the senate. mcconnell should send it to the president before the "state of the union." before the "state of the union" the president should face a simple choice. is he so committed to class warfare he is prepared to stop the american economy, kill more jobs and leave the american people even more frustrated? if that is the signal he wants to send he will be a one-term president and carry
12:17 am
the democratic party to cataclysmic defeat. >> sean: you were there after clinton had the defeat in '94 after they tried to pass hillary care. hillary thinks obama will move to the center and she said something i found interesting because i don't think is what her husband did. she said the trick is to make it look like he moved to the middle and stuck to his agenda. that's not what clinton did. era of big government was over, end of welfare as we know it is not sticking to that agenda. >> one of the reasons that obama beat clinton for the democratic nomination, the left never fully forgiven bill clinton for having agreed with me, signed welfare reform, two out of three people on welfare went to work or school. signed four balanced budget in a row and paid off $405 billion in federal debt. signed the first tax cut in 16 years designed to
12:18 am
accelerate economic growth. those are things that we kept spending down to 2.9% a year, for four consecutive years. the lowest rate since calvin coolidge. i don't think that's what the left wing democrats favor then and i don't think it's what they favor now. president obama faces a choice. does she work with mcconnell and bainer and the left will erupt or play games. >> sean: what do you think? >> i don't think it has sunk in yet. he took off after the catastrophe and went around, surrounded by staff who told him he was brilliant and everything was fine. went to india and indonesia and had a bad experience in south korea where the trade experience blew up. worst experience in tokyo where everybody disagreed with him. i don't know that he had the time to reflect on anything. it's fundamentally wrong for the president to delegate strategic thinking to the
12:19 am
staff. i don't think it will serve him well. >> no reason you'll tell me why you are spending time in iowa, and i'm wasting my breath asking you? >> people in the state like the novels and the books. i realize you find it hard to believe. tonight at iowa state we had 500 people and a great book signing. >> sean: a woman online called the radio show and said you would not announce on my show. is that true? >> i'm not going to announce on anyone's show. i said i'd be on your show. she listens to your radio show every day. and calls in regularly. >> that is the point. i suggest that you just happen to decide to go to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina on a regular basis. because you like to go to see the sites.
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>> wonderful states. come visit with me. >> sean: we'll watch for your announcement, which i think is coming. that's my interpretation. good to see you. more "hannity" straight ahead. >> controversial surrounding full-body scanners and patdowns at airports. this is an invasion of privacy or protecting your security? democrats revolt against nancy pelosi as a charger rises. they are taking sides on her bid for minority leader. >> i'm going to have to excuse myself from these proceedings. >> the charles rangel show has begun as day one of his ethics trial turns in to a joke. joke. all of that plus the great,
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>> sean: last week, john was a regular guy travelling to go on a hunting trip. this week, he is a hero for taking a stand against the new and invasive security screening and refusing to undertake a full body scan at san diego international airport. now the t.s.a. has opened up an official investigation targeting tyner which could lead to prosecution and fines up to $11,000. his story seems to have touched a nerve in a nation that's increasingly concerned aboutbe how intrucetive the security measures have become. "usa today" today, op-ed, published, homeland security secretary janet napolitano insists the methods are safe, efficient and protect passenger privacy and the technology quote cannot store, export and transmitt images. yet, today, they're reporting that the u.s. marshals in florida improperly and illegally saved thousands of the images on the scanner.
12:26 am
some of which may have been leaked online. meanwhile, according to the council on islamic relations, the new pat-down policy may violate the certain religious rules and kept to muslim woman's head and neck area only. it seems unlikely this argument will make headway judging from the t.s.a. chief john pistole's testimony earlier on capitol hill today. >> we want to be concerned about people's privacy, personal being and ensuring that everybody on every flight has been properly screened. >> with reaction, all of this is the former white house secretary, fox news contributor dana perino and the one and only stuart varney. i interviewed tyner today. be honest, we have the tape and we know what he said. he didn't want to go through the full body scan for personal reasons. i have don't want people looking at me naked. fair enough. and then when the guy explained the pat-down, the t.s.a. guy was professional
12:27 am
and said i'm going to touch your groin. he was like whoa, i don't want that either. >> tip of the iceberg, this is the beginning of what looks like a full scale passenger revolt. there is real outrage here. not just at the pat-down system. but with the idea that the terrorists are winning because we're forced into these demeaning situations. i think it also rebounds badly on the administration, of janet napolitano who seems incapable of coming up with alternate ways of frisking and searching different people in different ways. this is an incompetent response to growing problem. it's a revolt. >> sean: i think stuart is right. there is an alternative here, paradigm, mod that's successful, israel. they profile and they don't spend time on the toddlers that end up crying. they don't spend time on grandmothers in wheelchairs. they target, they profile.
12:28 am
they do not have these body checks. they don't have the body image scans. is that the way we should be going? >> well, i think that there is going to be a discussion. as stuart says, there is a prairie fire burning with the passengers. i take 10 to 20 flights a month. judging by the flights i'm on because they're all full, i'm not alone. you know, you do have to think about when you get ready in the morning, i got to get shoes i can slip in to. it's hardener the winter because i want to wear fashionable high-heel boots. >> sean: gee, thanks, dana. >> despite that, it's the intrusiveness when you stand there and you feel vulnerable. you know that the t.s.a. people have been told this is their job i think for the most part they do it professionally. but with the new congress in town, with passengers increasingly concerned about their privacy and ability, i think there will be a discussion at least that maybe looking at different alternatives. >> listen, i kind of agree with this guy. i don't feel like sitting
12:29 am
there and having people look at my patheticly, fat naked body. i don't. but some of the images were released to the public. stuart, they want an exemption for muslim women and janet napolitano is considering this. >> it will make it worse. it will make secretary napolitano look worse if she even considers giving some kind of waiver or exemption for muslim women in muslim gash. it would stoke outrage. >> is the answer profiling? >> yes. but it doesn't mean you pick out muslims but it means you have a tiered profiling system where you look at certain types of person.
12:30 am
the british were successful keeping bombing off the airways. they did this by intelligent profiling. >> sean: if the american people go through scanners and the groins are patted down and more complaints. first, i think they should not go after this guy. he walked away peacefully. should we spend more time looking at the guy from yesman than looking at a 90-year-old grandmother? >> that is a very difficult question to answer. >> sean: why is that difficult? >> look at iraq for example. not saying this could happen on an airplane, but one thing that terrorists have done is drug and paid mentally
12:31 am
retarded women that blew up 80 people in a marketplace. at what point do you profile? >> sean: it works for israel and great britain. >> true. we could have a discussion but we have to be careful before we go down the road. >> but the pressure is mounting. the outrage is there and the revolt is in full process. >> i think things will happen. private sector investment to break-through technologies to get you through the airport security lines faster and safer. >> heaven forbid the wednesday slowdown of next week happens. heaven forbid. >> sean: i think after christmas all bets are off. american people will be rightly outraged. good to see you guys. coming up, we have breaking news. update to the balance of power in the house. another race finally has a winner. when we come back, we tell you who it is. you who it is. and our great american p
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>> sean: for the second time in as many weeks, anointed one is packing all the teleprompter and going overseas day. s after a disastrous trip to asia, president obama slated to depart to europe this week. he'd headed to portugal where he will attend the nato and the european unit summit. i'm sure it's a coincidence but i don't notice you spend much time in the u.s. since the election day. back in 90 short seconds. [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require brake override technology on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, think this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ] nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for l.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. the g.o.p. picked up another seat in the house of representatives. the ballots have been counted in illinois in the eighth congressional district and fox news learned that democratic congresswoman melissa bean called and conceded to her republican opponent joe walsh. now the republicans have been given a second chance by voters. party leaders are beginning to take the steps necessary to fulfill the pledge to america. one way is stop out of control spending banning process of earmarking. a short time ago we got word that the senate republicans adopted a voluntary ban on the controversial spending projects. minority leader mitch mcconnell helped pave the way after making this statement on the senate floor yesterday. >> every day that is senate has been in session, i have
12:37 am
come down to the spot and said the democrats were ignoring the wishes of the american people. when it comes to earmarks i won't be guilty of the same thing so i'm announcing i will join the republicans in the house in support of banning earmarks. >> sean: the people have spoken and the republican party heard you loud and clear. now we await to see if the democrats follow suit. also facing the lame duck session is whether or not to extent bush tax cuts. the next guest is in the middle of that debate as well. incoming chair of the budget committee. paul ryan with us. how many seats does it bring the number up to? >> 84. we were at 83 until you mentioned that. we were watching that race so that's 84 now for new republicans coming in to congress. replaces retirements but 84 new people. >> sean: pick-up of how much on election day? >> i think it's 64, 63.
12:38 am
there are a couple more out there. 62, i think that is 62. a couple more races we're watching that could break our way. >> sean: did you count the first congressional district with andy -- >> yes. that's why i think it's 62. i might be wrong on the math. >> sean: this is a symbolic thing. john boehner getting rid of the plane. banning earmarks in the house, banning earmarks in the senate which is a big concession. by mitch mcconnell. what does it mean? >> it's what you said. a message was delivered november 2 and we're hearing the message. this is the beginning a the reforms that the new republican majority will bring to get the culture and congress changed and get the country on the right track. this was a repudiation election, largest in 72 years. we do not intend to ignore the will of the people.
12:39 am
last time we had majority in congress we screwed up. we don't want it to happen again. we have want to bring accountability to congress. this is one of several reforms we'll roll out in the days ahead. >> sean: we are in the lame duck session of congress so it's the same congress, nancy pelosi is still in charge. if they come back and don't want to extend the tax cuts for everybody but only some people, what are the strategies you think the republicans ought to be employing? >> we'll do it retro active for the first of the year after taking power in january. it's ugly and disruptive to the economy. i hope it doesn't come to that. that is what we'll do. >> sean: do you think they will do it in light of the election? come back in a lame duck session and do exactly what the american people don't want them to do? >> they are debating it now. i don't know it's permanent. they won't do permanent. they're clear about that. will they extend all tax
12:40 am
relief for period of time, two or three years? that is a question none of us know the answer to. democrats have the power to do that. they know full well it would be bad and disruptive to the economy if you let it go past january 1. see what they end up doing in the next few weeks. we'll know soon. if they don't we'll try to do it after january. >> you don't expect they would try to make the middle class tax cuts permanent but not tax cut or raise taxes for wealthy? >> these are the job creators. small business. president advisors acknowledge it's a job-killer. budget committee tells it would cost us jobs and it could happen but democrats thinking it through. >> sean: any ways the democrats will say no and support you on the earmark moratorium. any democrats going to do that?
12:41 am
>> it doesn't matter because we're not passing them in the house. we're not going to let earmarks pass floor of the congress. >> sean: last question, as it relates to repealing healthcare, assuming the senate won't go along with it and president would veto it, what could he do to stop healthcare? >> we are going to advance the repeal bill, but then we have to do oversight and go down defunding route. state attorney general going down that path as well. >> sean: time to check in with greta standing by. what is up your sleeve tonight? >> greta: you know, we have a great show tonight, sean. congressman mike pence who has news about what they're up to on capitol hill. senator john thune is back. why is he back a second night in a row? you have to wait to find out. president obama has news tonight. we talk about the royal wedding next spring.
12:42 am
ambassador bolton is here. action-packed. >> sean: i hear you'll be here tomorrow night. >> greta: i am. >> sean: see you then. greta is coming up "on the record" in a few minutes. let not your heart be troubled, our great, great, great american panel. ♪ ♪ hey, guys, i know i've been bad at this in the past, so i've come up with some mnemonic devices to help me learn your nas. hello, a "penny" saved a "penny" earned. oh, that's 'cause fedex ground helps you save money. that'sht, penny. do you know ours? heavens to betsy. dwayne the bathtub. magic wanda. ah! what's mine? uh, you're a dan fool. oh. it's just a device, dan. you c take it personally. yeah, i suppose. [ male announcer ] we uerstand. you need a partner whhelps you save. fedex ground.
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>> sean: tonight on the great, great american panel, columnist with the "wall street journal." john fund is back. writer for daily caller, attorney, fox news contributor, tamara holder is here. former reporter on fox sports and currently hosts nbc poker after dark, model, tv personality, leeann tweeden. all right. you want to get a full body scan? >> no, i don't. >> sean: you want to get a groping? >> well, let me tell you, a couple weeks ago before this
12:47 am
started at american airlines at lax, i was talking to my husband who is a pilot and we were talking about the first pilot who said i don't want to be groped. my husband is like i fly the plane, if i want to crash the plane, i can do that. why do i need to be checked? there should be another system in place. i asked for an opt-out. they picked me. i don't know, if i look like a terrorist. i said no. the guys proceeded to yell at me and mad i was opting out. look, i know i can opt out, i'll take the secondary pat-down. they were mad at me. one guy is why don't you want to do it? i don't want to be photographed and i don't want the radiation. >> sean: i actually feel bad for this guy. now they want to fine the guy $11,000. he was not disrespectful. when the guy described that he would grab the groin and like don't touch my junk which has now become infamous, i don't blame him. >> there is a bigger issue, and the issue is if somebody gets to the security check
12:48 am
point, we have a problem. the issue, we should be targeting these people at the gate. >> sean: do you support profiling? >> i do. in a sense. not just name or muslim profiling but there are triggers, personality traits that israelis that are known and trained to locate people and make sure they don't make it to the security scanner. >> israelis after 9/11 tried to tell us how to do it. they use private contractors and psychological profiling but we didn't go that way, we created bureaucracy called the t.s.a. obama administration is about to unionize t.s.a.. that will mean no matter how much somebody gropes any of us, they won't be fired because they'll be union protection. >> sean: this is going to blow up after thanksgiving. everybody will get on airplanes and there will be
12:49 am
groping and people on the scan and kids -- they are doing this on 3-year-old kids for crying out loud. no pun intended. >> it's also above three ounces. if you have breast milk, you can't take it with you. what are we doing? they're still going to find a way to do something. >> sean: i promise i won't take more than three ounces. >> that's not more efficient the way they are going about it. profiling is the way to do it. >> not politically correct, that is the problem. >> sometimes it's not. >> even the europeans don't require you to take your shoes off. >> sean: what about the idea that care, that muslim women get a waiver? >> that's political correctness. that is not right. >> sean: go to charles rangel. all right. so convicted of 11 of 13 counts. shows up yesterday, puts on a big show. here is part of what happened. >> i asked for a hearing.
12:50 am
do any of you believe i should have a hearing without counsel? i don't think it's fair that i participate in my proceeding, when you are basedly telling me that the political calendar will not allow you enough 5 to allow me to get a lawyer at this crucial point in my life. 50 years of public service is on the line. >> sean: he has had two years. should he and will he be thrown out? >> no. they'll only reprimand him. >> sean: should he? >> i think -- >> sean: you don't think they should? >> i think the justice department, if it wasn't run by eric holder would have take an closer view of this. >> really? >> this is not paying taxes -- >> blame eric holder for this? >> i don't see investigation of charles rangel. i don't see any investigation. >> sean: he didn't pay taxes. >> there are other people got
12:51 am
off like tom delay -- >> he's not on trial right now. he's on trial. he is being prosecuted. >> sean: you defend his actions -- >> i'm not defending his actions but i think charles rangel did something smart. i'm not defending it. but he said i'm not going to have a trial. >> sean: should he be brought up on charges? >> of course he should. when you break law and try to bring in i had 50 years of service and let me go down, you broke the law 11 times. 1 3w counts. subcommittee of his own peers. >> sean: always, you throw it out. like a tradition. what was that? >> that was nice!
12:52 am
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>> sean: more with our great american panel. i interviewed george w. bush. gracious, won't take a shot
12:56 am
against president obama. but at the opening of the bush or the ground breaking bush presidential library in dallas, dick cheney did in a way. watch this. >> of course, the george w. bush presidential center isn't much to look at just yet. but the workers are ready, construction will move fast after today's ground breaking. this may be the only shovel-ready project in america. [ applause ] >> sean: that is a great line. >> clever. >> i think it's terrible. >> sean: a cheap shot, ahhh. where is your sense of hue nowhere? it's funny. >> i did. i laughed. >> all the money was paid for before they broke ground. interesting. >> sean: where are the shovel-ready jobs that your president promised us? >> i don't know. ask the corporations sending all of their money overseas. >> sean: what about the
12:57 am
trillion dollars that they promised that unemployment would be below 8%? you're a big liberal and thought we had stimulated the economy. what happened? >> i'm a big liberal but what is the problem the democrats have. where are the jobs? >> sean: i'm asking you. you supported the trillion dollars. where the jobs? >> i don't know. >> sean: we wasted trillion dollars. >> i don't think we wasted -- >> five weeks away from the largest tax increase in american history. a lot of businesses won't hire because they don't know what the tax bill is, regulatory climate is or any of the urn certainty that obama created whether it will lift or intensify. obviously you won't create jobs in the environment. >> sean: i want to go back to you. we spent a trillion dollars and got no jobs. >> i don't think we got no jobs. >> sean: where are they? >> i don't know. i tried to find the numbers and where they are. >> sean: over and over again, shovel-ready jobs, shove-ready jobs. >> i think people wondering. i'm in chicago, in the inner
12:58 am
city -- >> sean: you still support the president. >> no, i don't. >> sean: you don't support obama? >> no, i have buyer's remorse. i want to esee him succeed in two years or the next -- >> sean: you won't vote for him again? >> i don't know. let's see what happens in two years. everybody is upset. you can't turn on another channel and see any liberal -- >> sean: they're upset because he didn't spend enough money. >> that's not true. >> it didn't get anything done. unemployment is high. and the shove re-ready jobs are supposed to be construction and things to happen right away. but businesses won't hire -- they can't build if they don't know what is coming. >> what is the republicans' plan? >> sean: simple. >> cut the budget? >> no, they'll cut spending and they want to deal with entitlements, number two. they'll cut taxes to stimulate the economy, for everybody across the board.
12:59 am
dump the burden and bureaucracy in washington and that's a good start. >> the money is to 90% of america -->> a poor person never hired. >> poor person never hired me in my life. >> most of the tax cuts for people who are supposedly rich half of the income goes to small businesses who hire 80% of the workers in this country. really, exxon doesn't pay their taxes, google doesn't pay their taxes, the largest corporations in the country -- >> small business does pay their taxes and they hire. we're about to raise their taxes. i don't think two wrongs make a right. >> do you think it's good idea democrats keep nancy pelosi? i support the move and it's very smart thing to do. i don't want to encourage them in any way from supporting nancy pelosi. >> you think it will help in two year s? >> this is a democratic congressman in politico saying people woke up the day after the election as afraid of nancy pelosi as theye